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About Us

We are a young company but with extensive experience in real estate with many operations closed successfully. We are focused on houses, exclusive listings of incredible properties in one of the fastest growing destinations in the Mayan Riviera: Tulum.

Tulum Presence

We are focused on the promotion of single-family properties in Tulum, leaving aside the oversupply of condominium units and paying attention to the best opportunities for homes ready for delivery, some with an excellent record in vacation rentals and excellent return of investment and others in pre-sale to cover a wide range of options for the most demanding clients, willing to move in close to the best beaches on the world surrounding by nature, or for those who want to have a second home that can generate a great income in the mean while are not using it.

Our Vision

To be the first company that offer a premium service with the specialty in single-family homes with a great communication with the client for those looking for a second home, an investment property or to retire and live in one of the most popular destinations that exist in the present.

Our Mission

Provide professional advice based on honesty and transparency to lead persons thru the process that involves acquire a property in Tulum offering the best oportunities and houses available in order to help our clients to invest in a Smart way.

Why investing

In Tulum?

Tulum real estate has been gaining attention as a safe, lucrative investment opportunity. The laid-back, eco-chic lifestyle in Tulum has long been revered among travel-savvy jet setters, who come to enjoy its stunning oceanfront vistas, fresh local cuisine, exciting activities and the best beaches in the world. As a result, it was always just a matter of time before investors also started realizing that Tulum real estate offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right now to collect high returns in one of the world’s strongest property markets.

As the fastest growing real estate market in the Mexican Caribbean, the time to invest in Tulum is now. The area’s growing popularity has created a shortage of rentals and hotels, The value of real estate in Tulum will continue to increase over the next few years as the demand for housing in Tulum grows. There are plans to build an International Airport in Tulum and a Railway network which will connect Tulum to the rest of Quintana Roo.

The government of Mexico may not seize legally purchased property according to the NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement. In Mexico, all residential property purchased by foreigners that is located within 62 miles from any international border, or 31 miles from any coastline, will need to be acquired through either a Mexican corporation or a fideicomiso (also known as a Real Estate Bank Trust). The fideicomiso creates a trust agreement for the benefit of the foreign buyer, and the bank takes on a fiduciary obligation to the owner. The owner retains all the benefits of ownership and has the legal right to lease the property, sell the property, and will the property to their heirs.

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